The importance of involving employees in the change cycle

Change is hard. We all know that. Changing a company is even harder. It is akin to steering a fully laden tanker on a totally different course while avoiding storms. But as hard as it is to make changes, the hardest decision of all is to acknowledge that change is needed and to start the journey. Once the decision is made and the journey starts, there are certain guidelines which can be applied:

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Front-line leader

How to be a front-line leader

There is an old saying that states ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. Corporate behavior changes as a business grows but companies tend to follow the same general pattern. Let’s not be deceived by the shooting stars of the technology world. Media focuses on the spectacular success of a few but ignore the struggles of most businesses around the world. To build a successful business and survive, the business owner must remember that cash flow is king. Small business owners don’t work eight hours a day, they don’t pay themselves overtime, they don’t take holidays.

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How to be more successful than 75% of small and medium sized enterprises

The SME market is undeniably experiencing exponential growth across the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia, resulting in hefty competition and countless challenges. While the gaps and opportunities for success and longevity are existent, the question SME’s are asking is how they can become more competitive and more innovative? What is an SME? Although there are different interpretations of what an SME is. it is important to first define the classification of ‘small’ and ‘medium’ as they vary between countries and the domestic economy of those countries.

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customer service

Customer Service: separating average and exceptional businesses

The customer is always right. This slogan (which was originally attributed to Harry Gordon Selfridge, who established Selfridges Department Store in London in 1908) was coined to encourage staff to provide better service to customers. Over the years, different versions have evolved. The French quote: ‘le client n’a jamais tort’ (the client is never wrong). Germans say ‘der Kunde ist König’ (the customer is king) and in Japan, the motto is ’okyakusama wa kamisama desu’ (the customer is a God).

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High performing team

The High-Performing Project Team Recipe

The performance of any organization, department or project is often symptomatic of the performance of the teams that support them. A great team results in a great outcome and vice-versa. This article covers four critical topics that can make or break a project team. A high-performing team requires strong leadership and support from Senior Management across the company. A study conducted by the University of Ottawa found that 33% of projects fail simply due to a lack of involvement from Senior Management

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