Do you control your business or does your business control you?

We have all seen it before: managers running around, looking and being busy. They have an exhausting day and go home with the usual jargon: back to back meetings, no time for lunch, fighting fires, just managing to keep heads above water and many more. They believe that they are doing a good job, working hard and if there is a problem it is rarely their fault.

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The (mis)use of euphemism in business

Euphemisms are descriptions which are often bland or vague to cover or sugar coat something which is seen as unpalatable. This will not come as a surprise to many readers, but politicians are the masters. They have an uncanny ability to avoid direct questions and navigate increased attention from the media.

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How productive are your staff?

A ‘simple way’ of measuring productivity is to count the number of tasks completed by an employee, the value of those tasks (output) and compare to the costs of the employee (input). This system works well in a repetitive factory style business but more difficult to achieve if the job description is varied and does not have a direct value assigned to the output.

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Let’s get organized!

Disorganization affects productivity, efficiency and employee morale. It damages relationships with customers and can become a huge financial burden to businesses. There is a direct link between a failing business and disorganization. Small businesses can only compete with larger rivals if they are more efficient, flexible and able to meet customer needs

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How to deal with a disorganized boss

While dealing with disorganized employees is difficult, by applying strict rules and providing guidance the challenge can be addressed in an orderly manner. Recommendations on how to implement the desired changes will be addressed in the third blog of this three-part series. How to deal with a disorganized boss is far more difficult.

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